Distressed, Anxious, Depressed

Want to learn more about gender based violence?

Want to leave an abusive relationship?

Want to find support services?

Don’t know your legal and human rights?

If any of these questions has crossed your mind, then you’re in the right place.

Often victims or survivors of gender based violence and narcissistic abuse might have no close and trusted person who is willing to listen to their stories with compassion and without judgment.

That’s why we created this website as a safe space where you can access awareness, empowerment, and healing.

You are not alone

Many Gender Based Violence survivors have started their recovery journey through making a simple phone call for help. Help is available. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

You deserve to shine. Use our blogs, books and resources to get empowered.


I’m Edith, a creative writer, social science researcher, and a civic change advocate. I love comedy and treasure adventure. I invite you to join efforts in the blog to create awareness, uphold rights, engender equity, heal and empower victims of gender based violence.


If you would like your story featured in our blogs and articles contact us. Your insight and inspiration can save lives.

Check out toll free lines for gender based violence reporting, counselling, legal, medical and shelter support.

Awareness is an important part of healing. It also educates people on how to address GBV. We have curated a list of books and guides.