How I Survived An Abusive Marriage And Turned My Life Around

When I was in the midst of my abusive relationship, I thought it was all my fault. Thats what I kept being told and thats what I believed. It took me the time to do the work on myself to understand that none of this was my fault. Once I started seeing things in a new perspective, it was a game changer.


Let’s talk about sexual violence…

Sexual violence is among the most damaging crimes a person can inflict on another. The effects can be devastating, often involving life - changing consequences such as unwanted pregnancies, mental and physical problems, sexually transmitted infections, and sleep and eating disorders. Sadly, accurate information about the extent of sexual violence is difficult to obtain because most of these crimes are seriously under-reported to law enforcement.

Financial Abuse Featured

What Is Financial Abuse? Know The Signs…..

In most times when we talk about domestic violence, we tend to focus on physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Rarely does financial abuse come to mind. But why? Because financial abuse is less commonly understood or spoken about form of abuse. Sadly, this abuse or control of one’s access to family finances and assets is prevalent and occurs in up to 99 percent of domestic violence cases. So, why are we not talking about it?


Approaches To Healing From Trauma

It may be impossible to assess the long-term toxic mental impact of the trauma resulting from COVID-19. It’s unprecedented and could have far reaching effects on people. There may not be enough and reliable data on previous high impact global traumatic incidences like the Spanish pandemic of 1918 or Ebola of 2014 -2016, that would inform how best to synthesize the impact of this latest trauma. We can only warn that all collaborative caution should be taken to mitigate its impact. Left unattended, any trauma could escalate, leaving untold misery in its wake.


12 Self-Care Tips For Domestic Violence Survivors

Healing from trauma or abuse can sometimes be a challenging journey. It is a gradual, ongoing process that involves focus and patience for one to come to a point of complete healing. But with the right self-care strategies and support, one can move past the trauma, rebuild their sense of control and self-worth, and come out stronger.


Stop Stigma Surrounding Domestic Violence: Learn About It And Support Victims

Domestic violence is a global pandemic that continues to evoke devastating impact on survivors, their families and society at large. The responsibility is always put on the victim with the most common question being, why didn’t you just leave. Stigma and victim blaming make it difficult for victims to report and seek help. It is therefore, crucial for everyone to learn about domestic violence to better support victims and raise awareness.


Older Women: The Hidden Victims Of Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence affects women of all ages. However, women aged 50+, have been left out of demographic surveys and studies. Most of the documented data is for women aged 15 -49 years. The lack of reliable and comprehensible data on this group makes it even difficult to design appropriate policies and interventions to support them. As a result, they end up invisible and neglected. We need to change this.