Preventing, Responding And Eliminating Violence Against Women

Many efforts to address violence against women have mostly concentrated on response efforts and paid less attention to primary prevention which is the key to eliminating this vice completely. Primary prevention requires innovative efforts to address the root causes of violence against women, such as gender inequality, adverse childhood experiences, as well as factors that foster abuse or tolerance of abuse, such as alcohol use and societal violence.

Join us on Friday, December 4th, the 10th day of #16daysofactivism against Gender-Based Violence. We will moderate a Twitter Chat on “Preventing, Responding and Eliminating Violence Against Women” starting from 3:00 pm EAT and 1:00 pm GMT. Join this engaging conversation under the hashtags #NoMoreGBV #16DaysofActivism2020.

GBV Awareness and Prevention During COVID-19

 Gender Based Violence is deeply rooted in our cultures and systems and often passed down generationally.

1 in 3 girls or women have been affected by abuse and this means that we all probably know someone who has been abused.

Join us in this insightful conversation on “GBV Awareness and Prevention during COVID-19” to discuss ways we can all take action against this vice.

Enhancing Access to SRH and GBV Services During COVID-19