I’m Edith, a creative writer, social science researcher, and a civic change advocate. I love comedy and treasure adventure. I invite you to join efforts in the blog to create awareness, uphold rights, engender equity, heal and empower victims of gender based violence.


A global movement for gender based violence awareness, advocacy, empowerment and healing.

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About Safe Speaks...

Gender based violence, which globally affects 1 out of 3 girls or women, continues to cause havoc in relationships, families, and community.

It affects large segments of society and is often whispered in hushed tones because, to a large extent, it affects persons known to one another.

Therefore, this blog sets to demystify these unsavory practices and avail a proactive and collaborative forum for gender based violence (gbv) awareness, information sharing on support services, empowerment, in addition to espousing restorative health and healing services to attain full potential for the victims.

If women and girls don’t fully enjoy their human rights and are free from any violence, progress toward development will fall short.

We encourage responsible behavior, accountability, respect for human rights, the right of expression and concern for the escalating scourge that threatens to engulf humanity.

This blog, choreographed as a research powerhouse, is intent on building an information repository, a communication handle, a reliable and impeccable source of knowledge on not only gbv but also other related issues whose impact on society goes beyond the written word.

GBV may not end overnight. But if we keep challenging unacceptable attitudes, practices, and abusive behavior, we might completely rid society of this vice.

Let us join hands!

Thank you.

Latest Posts

Financial abuse

What You Should Know About Financial Abuse!

In most times when we talk about domestic violence, we tend to focus on physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Rarely does financial abuse come to mind. But why? Because financial abuse is less commonly understood or spoken about form of abuse. Sadly, this abuse or control of one’s access to family finances and assets is prevalent and occurs in up to 99 percent of domestic violence cases.

So, why are we not talking about it?

Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Many people are being emotionally abused without realizing it. Many wonder whether they are being abused but are confused as to what exactly emotional abuse is. As a way to help clear up any confusion you may have as to whether you are being emotionally abused, I present the most common tactics used by abusive people. The typical emotional abuser has an entire repertoire of tools he or she can use to manipulate and control their partner. While not every abuser uses these tactics in a deliberate, conscious way, many do.

How To Spot Narcissistic Abuse And Free Yourself

If you find yourself involved with a narcissist, albeit family, partner, or spouse, it is important to take your emotional, psychological, physical, financial, and spiritual health seriously. Narcissists may become self-aware, however, they do not change.


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