I’m Edith, a creative writer, social science researcher, and a civic change advocate. I love comedy and treasure adventure.

A global movement for gender based violence awareness, advocacy, empowerment and healing.

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About Safe Speaks...

We are Safe Speaks, a global movement focused on gender based violence and gender equality.

We do this through awareness, advocacy, empowerment, and healing. Our goal is to see a safe world for all to thrive filled with love and respect.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter where you go or what you do. And if someone doesn’t show you that then it’s time to speak up! Join us in our mission. Let us work together towards an equitable society that allows all of us to thrive in safety.

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Latest Posts

10 Steps Men Can Take to End Violence Against Women

There are many ways that men and boys can get involved in the fight to end violence against women. It is important for males of all ages, from students to businessmen, teachers to law enforcement officers to stand up and speak out about the injustice faced by those who live with gender inequality around them.

Blaming The Victim

RECENT debates linking how women dress to the issue of rape have only reinforced the need for a more scientific conversation around violence against women in our society.

Blaming the victim in cases of sexual violence may be a global phenomenon. But it is particularly endemic in patrilinear cultures where restrictive beliefs about women’s roles and rights in society dominate.

Financial abuse

Financial Abuse Occurs in 99% Of Domestic Violence Cases!

In most times when we talk about domestic violence, we tend to focus on physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. But what about financial abuse? Rarely does it come up because people don’t understand how big an issue it is. Sadly, this abuse or control of one’s access to family finances and assets is prevalent and occurs in up to 99 percent of domestic violence cases.

So, why are we not talking about it?

12 Self-Care Tips For Domestic Violence Survivors

Healing from trauma and abuse is not an easy process. It takes a lot of focus, patience and self-care strategies to rebuild your sense of control and worthiness. But with commitment and the right support system your healing journey can become an empowering adventure.


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