How can gender equality end gender-based violence?

Gender equality is the key to ending gender based violence. There is evidence that when women are empowered, they feel more in control of their lives and speak up against violence. Women’s empowerment can be achieved through education, economic opportunities, and political participation.

Edith Mecha

The horror of gender-based violence is something that all genders, ages, and ethnicities can relate to. It’s a topic we hear about on social media and mainstream media when survivors share their experiences with domestic violence or post hashtags like #metoo #EndGBV which show how many women have been abused. But what does this have to do with gender equality?

There is evidence that when women are treated equally under the law, they’re more likely to report incidents of abuse by an intimate partner because they know their rights and feel empowered enough to speak up. When there is greater representation for women at all levels of leadership it reduces gender inequality.

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Achieving gender equality means eradicating all forms of discrimination against women and removing barriers that prevent women from being fully equal with men and realizing their rights. One of the most widespread and pervasive barriers is violence against women.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in three women will experience some form of violence in her lifetime. That is more than 1 billion women worldwide who are living with the consequences of gender-based violence. And it doesn’t stop there. Gender inequality and the power imbalance between men and women fuel this cycle, creating an environment where violence against girls and women can thrive.

We need to address gender inequality as a core element of efforts to tackle violence against girls and women around the world. This is because it’s not just about ending abuse but also about empowering girls and boys so they can live their lives free from fear or discrimination based on their sex or sexual orientation. It’s time for all of us to take action!

The best way we can end gender-based violence is by working towards gender equality. That means making sure both men and women have the same opportunities for education, work, health care, safety from abuse and harassment. All of these things are important for everyone’s well-being.

Other important ways you can help end gender-based violence is by learning about it and talking about it with your friends and family. It’s important not only to educate people but also create policies that protect all genders from discrimination or abuse. Both men and boys should be involved in programmes to prevent violence against women. You should also speak out when you see abuse happening and offer help if someone needs it. It’s not always easy to know what to say or how to react in these situations but showing you’re there for them will mean a lot. And remember there are lots of resources available online to support survivors. Check them here.

Promoting gender equality is a good step towards ending gender-based violence. I hope you will join us in promoting this important issue by educating yourself and others as well as raising awareness on social media and your community.

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